I wanna see you fight for the hell of it
Pulling out your knife in the street light
Shining so dull on the glitter that flickers like lightning
Bouncing off the back of your blade

I wanna see some blood on your fingernails
Clawing at the club lines vanity
There’s a pretty face in there too smart for her own good
You’re bound to put her in her place

And on the short ride home, we’ll k-hole in the taxi
I don’t wanna feel a thing at all
I’ve been losing all my lovers
Is this what you wanted, Madeleine?

I wanna get fucked up like a holiday
Spending half my night in the pouring rain
Oh I wanna numb my fingers and numb my brain
Til I can’t feel anything at all

I wanna stay this drunk, wanna celebrate
Moving bar to bar like a slow parade
Oh, I wanna ride like lightning and crash like thunder
Riding down the tracks in our brain

I got that sick, sick feeling to hurt somebody
Babe, I think there’s something wrong in my brain
I’ve been losing all my lovers
Is this what you wanted Madeleine?

And the sun has been out since I’ve been coming down
I don’t know how much more I can take
I’ve been lost I’ve been found asleep on the couch
Just waiting for the light to fade
And I’m trying to work out our wandering doubt
Oh loving you is hard somedays

I’ve been losing all my lovers is this what you wanted, Madeleine?


We parked your car
down the street in the dark
Can’t remember where that was
You were kissing me a lot

We had sex
In a yellow tent
With the ocean by the front door
In a trailer park

Am I hard to love
With a heart so tough
You could cut me
And I wouldn’t feel a thing

Do I make you miserable

I never changed
I just learned how to quit
As the water slowly boiled
I just got used to it

I’m glad you stayed
‘Cause my demons did
A tiger in a cage
Eyeing up a little kid

Do I slow you down
With my heavy frown
If you floated
I would sink like a stone